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After School Coding Clubs for Primary and Secondary Schools

Our research has confirmed that most primary and secondary schools would be interested in offering computer programming (coding) classes to their pupils and students, but many do not have the time or ongoing resources to setup maintain a manage these training programmes. Computer programming skills has been identified as a critical skill for the future and we must start early to impart these skills or we will create a major disadvantage for our Children.

In response to this problem, we have designed an In-school Programme which will offer schools an easier and more cost-effective solution. Our programme offers a complete package including equipment, qualified and experienced technology instructors and a technology curriculum designed specifically for primary and school children, which is based on global standards and best-practice. The Programme consists of the delivery of a 8/10/12 week coding/technology course for your students each school year.

Participants age range is from 8 – 19 years and each lesson lasts one hour and we can deliver a number of sessions each week to accommodate multiple classes. The course would be delivered in your school using a mobile suite of laptops provided by NetPro Academuy. There will be one laptop per child we can cater for 25 - 30 students in any one class.


The course will N15, 000. for Primary School Pupils and N20, 000 for Secondary Schools per term.  Contact us if you would like these classes to run in your school. Parents can also enroll their school in any available venue.

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